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Making Residential Communities

Smarter and Safer Through Technology


CTC is the leader in delivering superior technical support to multi-tenant residential communities in Atlanta.  We are experienced with buildings systems and technologies. Our proactive maintenance programs allow property managers and board members to focus on other priorities in their community, knowing that their technology is operating smoothly and efficiently.



We offer our clients a new type of relationship – one that’s characterized by trust, empowerment, innovation and mutual success. We bring our unique knowledge to bear, along with innovation and creativity, in order to deliver long-term stability, safety, security and peace of mind to residential communities.


The experienced staff at CTC keeps abreast of the latest technology news and industry offerings that may have an impact on the capabilities of your multi-tenant residential community. Visit our blog to understand how to deliver stability, safety, security, and peace of mind to your residents.



We offer our customers a new type of relationship – one that’s characterized by trust, empowerment, innovation, and mutual success.


We bring our unique knowledge to bear, along with innovation and creativity, in order to deliver long-term stability, safety, security, and peace of mind to residential communities.


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