Who We Are

Our Founder, Ben Phillips, started his career in technology in 1998 where he was a network, phone system, and security system installer.  From there, he moved into IT project management and strategy.  He has worked within a Fortune 100 company as well as mid-size IT organizations, managing teams of 40+ employees and budgets exceeding $8 Million.

Ben has been an active member of the board for his homeowner’s association for the past three years.  It was here that he was able to leverage his technology, strategy, and project management expertise to positively impact his community.  Working with the board and management company, Ben led the team through the process of creating a strategic technology plan – as the community’s supporting systems were out of date and had historically only been patched when they broke.  He and the board have worked to execute upon that plan to implement a scalable infrastructure and new technologies that greatly improve the residents’ safety and experience.

It was out of his experience as a board member that he saw an opportunity to help other communities as well.  He realized that most boards and management personnel could benefit from having a trusted partner to help define and apply the right strategy and technology to enhance their residents’ safety and experience.

That’s the mission that he established for Community Technology Consultants – Making Residential Communities Smarter and Safer Through Technology.

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